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This is a gorgeous book mark design that will allow you to create an endless number of unique pieces by choosing different types of ribbons and colored beads to match. Further customize these book marks by adding alphabet beads and number beads to spell a name or create a special message.
Beaded Book Mark on Ribbon

Technique: Crimping

Supplies & Materials:
quality ribbon, hammered ring, flexible beading wire, sterling silver crimp beads, a variety of beads and charms, scissors, flex wire cutter, crimp tool

Beads & Components featured in our example include:

*Czech Glass Beads
*Miyuki Glass Beads
*Vertical Hole Alphabet Beads
*Flexible Beading Wire
*Hammered Ring
*Pewter Charms


1 To start, decide which beads you want to use and determine order. Create a short stand of beads by stringing the beads onto flexible beading wire. Cut the wire, leaving approximately 1.5 to 2" of excess cording.  
2 At one end, string on a crimp bead, thread the flexible beading wire through the charm loop and crimp to secure.

Click here for more additional instructions on attaching charms and beads to the ends of flexible beading wire.
3 This is how the bead and charm will look together.  
4 Then attach the strand to the hammered ring with a crimp bead to create a dangle.

Click here for more additional instructions on using crimp beads and a crimp tool.
5 Create and attach additional dangling elements.  
6 If you want to add a bead on the end instead of a charm, use a top drilled bead like a tear drop or briolette. To attach the bead at the bottom, first string on a crimp bead, then thread the beading wire through the bead, then thread the beading wire backwards into the crimp bead, this will create triangular loop.

Click here for more additional instructions on attaching beads and charms to the ends of flexible beading wire.
7 Next, cut a piece of ribbon. The length of the ribbon will depend on the size of the book. Use one of your books to measure how long to cut the ribbon, remember that you will be folding the ribbon in half so cut the ribbon twice as long as you want the finished product to be.  
8 Thread the ribbon through the hammered ring and fold the ribbon in half, the ring should hang from the fold.  
9 Next, use an overhand knot and knot the ribbon above the hammered ring.  
10 Tighten the knot, this will secure the ring onto the ribbon and you are done!  
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