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You may not realize how simple it is to create name bracelets and name necklaces for adults, babies and children, but our instructions below will tell you everything you need to know including the supplies you need, instructions and a video demonstration. If you have any questions, please call us at 704. 274. 9853.

Taylor's name bracelet features sterling silver alphabet beads, Swarovski crystal 6mm bicones, Swarovski 6mm faux pearls and sterling silver seamless round beads.
Marianna's name bracelet features oval shaped rhodium plated pewter alphabet beads, Swarovski crystal 6mm bicones, Swarovski 6mm faux pearls and sterling silver round beads.
Ashlee's name bracelet features sterling silver alphabet beads, Swarovski crystal 6mm cubes, Swarovski 6mm faux pearls and sterling silver seamless round beads.

SUPPLIES YOU WILL NEED - We have it all, see pictures below
Flex Rite Beading Wire (shown on left) - this is a flexible beading wire made from stainless steel specifically for beading and jewelry making. This type of stringing material cannot be knotted, so you will also need crimp beads. Flex rite is available in 30ft spools, and the medium weight is most recommended. Each bracelet will use about 11 to 12" depending on the size of the bracelet.

Crimp Beads
(shown below)- two per strand for bracelets or necklaces (one for each end), it's a good idea to have extra crimp beads in case you make a mistake or lose one

Bead Stoppers (shown below) - two per strand (one for each end) - attach to the one end of cording to keep beads from falling off while stringing
Crimp Tool (shown above) - this is a tool especially made for squeezing crimp beads attach a clasp and secure and finish the bracelet. Follow this link for Instructions on How to Use a Crimp Tool & Crimp Beads, or you can also watch Joyce, Bead Bee owner, demonstrate on video.

Flush Cutter - use this to trim the stringing material after you have completed the bracelet

Sterling Silver Alphabet Beads (shown below) - the most popular type of alphabet beads used for name bracelets are made of sterling silver. However, if you have other ideas, alphabet beads are also available in plastic and pewter..

Spacer Beads
- these beads add detail to any jewelry project but also serve to space like bead apart. Our examples show sterling silver seamless round beads in between each sterling silver alphabet bead. Other sterling silver spacer beads like daisy spacers or rombo beads can also be used to add more innovation to your design. This keeps the letters nicely spaced, also, since sterling silver alphabet beads have larger holes, a spacer bead will be required.

Crystal Beads or Glass Beads - most name bracelets feature Swarovski crystals that represent birthstone colors or the favorite color of the person wearing it, but you can use any type of bead you like.
Please note that Swarovski beads do contain lead and are not recommended for use on jewelry made for children 12 or under.

Sterling Silver Number Beads - beads with numbers on them can also be used to represent a special date or year. Click here to learn more about sterling silver number beads
  Sterling silver tube shape
crimp beads
Bead Stoppers Crimp Tool - see instructions
  Flush Cutter Sterling Silver Alphabet Beads  

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