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Beaded Key Chain
This is a simple bead project that is fun for adults and children. With just a few beads and supplies, you can create adorable beaded key chains. Popular bead choices for this type of key chain include alphabet beads and pony beads. There are many ways to make a beaded key chain. This version is the most simple as it does not require special beading tools. When using this method to make a beaded key chain, some type of thick cording is required, and thus, beads with larger holes such as cube alphabet beads and pony beads are required as well. If you have beads with smaller holes, we have additional instructions for making key chains with beads that have small holes.

1 Attach the split ring to the key ring. A split ring is like a miniature key ring, or a ring that coils around twice. Use 6mm - 8mm size split ring.  

Cut the appropriate length of cord and fold the cord in half. Our example features 1mm waxed cotton cord. To figure how much cord you will need, determine how many inches the beads will take up when they are all strung together, then multiply by two and 4". After you fold the cord in half, string both ends through the split ring, pull the cording until the "fold" of the cord is near the split ring.


3 Next, put the ends of the cording through the loop, pull through.  
4 Tighten the cord around the split ring.  
5 Thread both ends of the cording through beads. Be sure that the beads you chose have holes that are big enough for two strands of cording. There are a large variety of pony beads, alphabet beads, number beads and plastic beads that work very well.  
6 Tie a double knot at the end to secure the beads. Trim excess cording.  
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