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How to Attach a Charm Using a Crimp Bead & Crimp Tool
Using crimp beads is a simple way to attach charms to make dangling items such as earrings, book marks. A charm can be added onto a strand by using a crimp bead and a crimp tool. This technique is most suitable if you are using flexible beading wire such as Flex Rite or Soft Flex.

Crimp beads small beads that you squeeze with a crimp tool to secure a clasp to a bracelet or necklace. They are necessary when using certain types of stringing materials such as flexible beading wire like Soft Flex or Flex Rite.

There are other innovative ways to use the crimping technique to create earrings, book marks, or other projects.

The most popular crimp beads are
sterling silver 2mm crimp beads, which look like little tubes. Sterling silver is preferred for durability as well as appearance.

Supplies & Materials:
*Flush Cutters
*Crimp Tool
*Crimp Beads

*Pewter Charms
*Flexible Beading Wire

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1 To attach a charm, first thread a crimp bead on to the string. Next thread the string throug the loop on the charm.  

Next, thread the end of the beading wire through the clasp and backwards through the crimp beads. This will create a loop. Adjust the size of the loop as necessary. Don't make it too tight, make it loose enough to allow movement, but not too loose or the loop will be too big.


3 Use the inner hole of the crimping tool to squeeze the crimp bead.  
4 The result will be a taco shaped crimp bead.  
5 Next use the outer hold of the crimp tool to "close the taco" shaped crimp bead.  
6 When finished, the crimp bead should look like this photo. Repeat on the other end to attach a jump ring or other part of the clasp.  
7 Here is an example of a charm attached to the end of a beaded strand. You can also use this tech  
8 You can also use this technique to attached top drilled beads.

Top drilled beads are beads that have holes drilled at the top, when you string them, they hang down. Many of these beads include pear shapes beads or tear drop shaped beads.
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