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Create your own customized bracelets, necklaces, key chains and bookmarks using alphabet beads, colored beads, cording and more.

We offer free project planning assistance to help you plan projects for your group including schools, churches, camps and scouts.

These projects are great for motivational programs, fundraisers and educational activities.

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Beading & Jewelry Tips & Techniques

Item # 80828
Hope, Love & Peach Friendship Charm Bracelets

Stretch bracelets are simple and fun to create. They are the perfect project for any age level.

Supplies & Materials


1) Be sure that you have a flat, surface on which to work.

2) Put a piece of masking tape on one end of your string and set aside. This will close one end of your string and keep the beads from falling off while stringing.

3) Layout the design of your bracelet on your bead mat and decide where you will place your charm, then start stringing your beads onto the cording, don’t forget to string on your charm.

4) When you finish stringing all your beads, have a friend help you test your bracelet for size by holding it around your wrist. Be careful not to drop your bracelet.

6) Make any necessary size adjustments. To make the bracelet bigger, add some beads, to make the bracelet smaller, remove a few beads. It is always better to make the bracelet a little bit bigger than your wrist.

7) Once the size is right tie a double knot to finish your bracelet. Make your knot is nice and tight, tug on the ends to be sure.

8) Once your knot is tightened, use scissors to cut off the extra string.

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