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Item # 80826
Friendship Quiz Game

Supplies & Materials

20 bags of game beads (includes 10 bags of clear beads)
1 bag of spare clear beads (not needed to play the game)

1 bag for each player containing stretch string
1 set of 20 cards (optional based on your selection at the time of purchase)

General Directions
1) Each player receives one bag containing elastic jewelry stretch cord. Do not remove the contents and do not throw away the bags, they will be very useful in storing your beads until the game is finished.

2) The troop leader or designated supervisor should be in charge of the other materials (colored beads, cards and extra parts). The game cards do not need to be in any particular order.

Start playing the game!

1) Choose one bag of beads to start with (it does not matter which one). Choose a card and ask the question on the card, after each person answers the question, they will receive one bead. Repeat until you have finished all 20 cards. After going through all 20 cards, each player will have 20 beads including troop number beads.

This game can be played in one session or can be split up and played over the course of several sessions.

2) String all your beads into a bracelet, save the troop numbers for last. Start with a colored bead and place a clear bead in between each colored bead. Lastly, add your troop number. Have a friend help you test your bracelet for size by holding it around your wrist. Be careful not to drop your bracelet. If you need to make the bracelet bigger, extra clear beads have been provided to increase the length of the bracelet.

To finish the bracelet, tie a double knot and trim the extra cording. Adult assistance may be required to assist younger children.

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