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Blog - Girl Scout Craft Ideas
Beads, string, pins and other materials are great for many craft activities. There are so many types of beads and charms to choose from so you can make something unique every time. We have lots of ideas for Girl Scout Crafts and Swaps. You can design your own project or choose from our large selection of bead bracelet kits, key chain kits, swaps kits and more.

Girl Scout Craft Kits are great craft activities for meetings, camps and special events. The girls will have fun creating something special with beads and will share a great experience with eachother.
Alphabet & Number Beads  |  Plastic Beads & Pony Beads  |  Girl Scout Kits  |  String & Cord


Do you need instructions for our Girl Scout Craft Kits? Click here.

Girl Scouts Craft Kits for Thinking Day
Projects especially designed for Thinking Day activities and fundraising. Click here to see all Thinking Day bead craft projects.
Girl Scouts Games
Fun games about friendship learning, including bead & elastic refills for your games. Click here for bead & elastic refills for the Girl Scouts Game.

Girl Scout Law Bead Project
Craft Kits

Choose from several bead and bracelet kits to help girls learn the Girl Scout Law. Click here to see all Girl Scout Law Bead bead craft projects.

Girl Scouts Bracelet Craft Kits
Adorable options including Troop ID bracelets, name bracelets, and more! Click here to see all bracelet bead craft projects.
     Holiday Theme Girl Scout Craft Projects
Mardi Gras, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and more! Click here to see all holiday bead craft projects.

Necklace Bead Jewelry Craft Project Kits
Learn jewelry making skills by creating your own necklace with our large variety of beads and charms. Click here to see all necklace bead craft projects.

Charms - fabulous and fun!!!
Add to safety pins for fun swaps, embellish jewelry or scrapbooks.
Click here to see our adorable charms.

Earrings Bead Jewelry Craft Project Kits
Learn a new skill and create your own earrings. Simple instructions teach you about jewelry making tools and techniques. Click here to see all earring craft projects.
Bead Book Mark Craft Project Kits
These book marks can be personalized with alphabet beads, colored beads and charms. Instructions are included for simple assembly. Click here to see all book mark bead craft projects.

Bead Key Chain & Lanyard Craft Project Kits
Adorable kits that allow you to create fun accessories for your keys or zippers. Perfect for lessons, gifts and SWAPS! Click here to see all key chain craft projects.
    Scrapbooking Craft Project Kits
Preserve the memory of a special event. Completed projects can be framed and hung as keepsakes or given as gifts, or simply added to your scouting scrapbook.
Click here to see all scrapbooking craft projects.
LOVE SWAPS? The possibilities are endless when you use beads and charms to make your own swaps.
Click here to see examples and swaps ideas.

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