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Bead Bee has thousands of craft beads made from all types of materials including plastic beads, wooden beads, glass beads and gemstone beads.

Pony Beads are a popular type of basic craft bead that is usually 6x9mm in size or shaped sort of like a donut. Because they are economical and come is many different colors, pony beads are one of the most popular types of craft beads.

Round Plastic Beads can be smooth or have a faceted surface that sparkles when it reflects light. Faceted round beads come in several sizes, commonly ranging from 6mm to 12mm in diameter. They can be strung on monofilaments, stretch cord, flexible beading wire or metal wire. Shop for Round Plastic Beads.

Wood Beads most commonly come in round, oval, or barrel shapes. They are beautiful in natural light and dark colors but can sometimes be painted in different colors for more variety. Shop for Wood Beads.

Glass Beads are very popular for jewelry making because of the fantastic variety of sizes, shapes and color. Czech glass beads are a popular type of glass bead, made in the Czech Republic. Millefiori glass beads refer to glass beads filled with tiny flower designs, made from a technique originating in Italy. Shop for Glass Beads.

Seed beads are smaller size glass beads and usually require a needle for stringing. The sizing of seed beads is described in units per inch. For example, a 10/0 seed bead mean 10 beads make up an inch, thus the larger the number, the smaller the bead, so a 15/0 seed bead is smaller than a 10/0 seed bead. Shop for Seed Beads.

Craft beads come in many shapes besides the typical round shapes. Other bead shapes include simple cubes, ovals, and tubes. Bead shapes can also come in star beads, heart beads, dice beads, butterfly beads, flower beads, picture beads, sea animal beads, cat beads and other shapes.

ALPHABET BEADS are a great way to create custom projects with school names or mascots and special sayings. Alphabet bead are sold by the letter or number or in mixes.
SPORTS BALL BEADS are available in footballs, basketballs, baseballs, eight balls, tennis balls, volleyball beads and soccer ball beads. These are popular among parents and coaches to give as gifts.
PLASTIC PONY BEADS are available in color mixes as well as individual colors. Alphabet beads and plastic pony beads are popular for Sunday School or camp activities.
BEADED KEY CHAINS are simple to make. They are fun to clip onto zippers and bags. We offer pre-made key chain stations with the cord and split ring already attached to the key ring, or you can assemble them on your own.
Plastic pony beads are often used for team bead projects because they are available in specific colors so you can choose just the colors that represent your team or organization.
STRETCH CORD is used to create bracelets that kids and adults of all ages will enjoy. Simply string on your beads and tie a knot. Using stretch cord will also make it easier to create bracelets that are "one size fits all".
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