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These beads have numbers on them and come in several shapes and sizes. Number beads are perfect for spelling out a special date, year, jersey number or for making your own nursing bracelets. Our collection of number beads include plastic number beads and pewter number beads. Beads with numbers on them can be combined with matching alphabet beads to create personalized jewelry and crafts. Use number beads for bracelets that have the year and add your name, team name or other special name or message. You can also use number beads for phone number bracelets. Phone number bracelets are a great way to help someone remember important phone numbers. Individual number beads are available, so you can pick the numbers you need, or choose mixed packages of numbers 0 to 9.


This category is not currently available.

Alphabet beads and number beads are available in many materials including plastic alphabet beads, plastic number beads, pewter alphabet beads, pewter number beads, sterling silver alphabet beads and sterling silver number beads

Alphabet beads and pony beads are the perfect materials for creating fun bead crafts like bracelets, necklaces, key chains, lanyards, bookmarks, decorations and other crafts. Alphabet beads let you personalize projects with your name or spell out a custom message, word or phrase. You can use pony beads in specific colors to match a theme or support your favorite sports team. Pony beads are also available in assorted colors so you can create colorful, beaded masterpieces. Alphabet beads and pony beads can be strung on a variety of stringing materials such as stretch cord, elastic and other types of string.

Alphabet beads and pony bead activities are great for Sunday School and VBS craft projects. You can use alphabet beads to create a custom project that coordinates with the class lesson. We offer alphabet beads by the letter so you can get enough alphabet beads for your entire group and pick just the letters you need. Alphabet beads for bracelets are simple to string and fun to make. Use elastic bead cording to create bracelets or necklaces. Book marks can also be made with alphabet beads and pony beads. Scrapbookers can use alphabet beads and number beads to personalize scrapbooking pages with names and places. You can also use alphabet beads and number beads to embellish greeting cards.
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